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Flying taxi for simple and clean travel

Buttairfly offers a carbon-neutral transport solution to get you around quickly and safely.

Tomorrow, you will organize your trips based on a low-carbon and collaborative mobility ecosystem.

The development of carpooling has enabled us to improve the occupancy rate of cars from 1.4 to 1.8 passengers. But if a shared car replaces 19 individual cars, the roads are still busy as we approach large metropolises. Safer, quieter and more environmentally friendly than a helicopter, the flying taxis represents new hope for reducing our carbon footprint while reducing travel times. These assets give the drone taxi every chance of establishing itself as the most efficient means of transport in urban and peri-urban areas.


The absolute need for drone security and robustness is satisfied by redundancy of essential components.


Disregard ground traffic and go where the car cannot take you.


The transport of tomorrow must have the lowest environmental footprint. To achieve this, we use green hydrogen.


Simplicity can solve the most complex challenges. At Buttairfly, we take out everything that isn't necessary.


Our vision of mobility for the future

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The ecosystem

First and last mile

With a solution from the first to the last mile, Buttairfly will accompany you throughout your trip. Depending on your needs, a carbon neutral vehicle will pick you up to drop you off at the nearest airport drone. He then takes you from the arrival airport drone to your final destination.

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Drone airports should be thought of as living spaces that complement a transport experience. You will find shops, cafes and restaurants and much more to comfortably wait for your flying taxi.


Securisation and cybernetic future of the project

Our Buttairfly’s service offer is anchored in the world of the Internet of Things (IoT). Its design and implementation are in line with Web 3.0 and optimally respond to all issues related to cybernetic issues.


We have chosen to position our Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM) at the same level as our general management, while granting him a total independence. Thus, we guarantee the security of the company's IS, but also its integrity and availability. In fact, the ISSM is the architect of the IS and ensures the protection of the information heritage of the whole Buttairfly.

Protection of private life

We integrate digital trust issues at the highest strategic level of the company. They are represented by confidentiality, availability, integrity and digital evidence.

Passionate business experts

We call on specialists with recognized sector expertise in the aeronautics industry.

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The Buttairfly flying taxis project

Project launch
Team project
First commercial flight

Buttairfly arrives in 2024

In 2024, Buttairfly will choose the region where it will set up its R&D offices and assembly site. Two regions are still being studied to be as close as possible to the actors who will participate in the project: Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Paca.

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