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We are convinced that the drone air transport sector will be one of the levers for economic recovery. By joining Buttairfly you are helping to build a better world and join a team for an amazing and extraordinary adventure.


Tell us how you would like to contribute to the Buttairfly project. We will consider all the most useful ideas to improve our equipment and applications.


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Whether you live several thousand kilometers from Buttairfly’s headquarters or a few hundred meters as the crow flies, you can collaborate on the project, on site or from remote locations.

Why bet on drones

The spearhead of the global aviation industry is getting more involved in the development of drones every day.
As an essential green transport solution for reducing pollution, making traffic more fluid, reducing transport costs and providing an unforgettable experience, the deployment of drones in airspace is imminent. Let’s take part in the adventure together.
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We open post job in 2024, but we also encourage you to send us your application file to take part in Buttairfly project.

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