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PET scan and Cyclotron in Corsica

Buttairfly's Team

The installation of a Cyclotron in Corsica is currently under discussion which should result to it realization during the course of 2022.

This is to allow the local production of a “radiopharmaceutical” type product.


In parallel with the deployment of the cyclotron, various sites spread over Ajaccio and Bastia would accommodate new PET scan (Position Emission Tomoscintigraphy) equipment within their scintigraphy units. These PETs can use the radiopharmaceutical produced by the cyclotron.

Buttairfly would intervene for transport by drone from the production site (cyclotron) to sites equipped with PET scans.

This air transport solution has several major advantages: speed, security and financial competitiveness combined with a zero carbon footprint.

Concretely, in less than an hour, any site can be delivered anywhere in Corsica.

To learn more about cyclotron’s technology, watch this video.


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